"The Spudmeister himself"

Date of Birth:
The true age of The Spud Meister is still a mystery. Is a Spud even born?…

Place of Birth:
The fertile valleys of Idaho, known to potatoes as “Mashopotamia.”

Related to Spudz McKenzie, Mr. Potato Head, and Ralf Tater… just to name a few.

Grew up digging the underground scene in Idaho. Moved to Evansville, Indiana where he landed a job being a mascot for the best local restaurant ever! Now he spends his days doing off the wall things, having fun and being social.

Potato sack races, Facebook, wearing different hats, playing hot potato, sitting for long periods of time on the couch.

Job description:
The face of the Spudz-N-Stuff – the ray of shining potato light upon the restaurant industry – solving
all hunger pains one bite at a time!

Political views:
Hopes that one day, we will all be a Tater Nation! ©

Favorite quotes:
“We Cater Your Tater!”,  “This Spudz For You!”,  “Spud-tacular!”, and “Spud Life”

Favorite Songs:
• Do you love me by The Contours (the old school one with ‘I can mash potato, I can do the twist….’) • Listen Here •
• Potato Head Blues by Louis Armstrong • Listen here •

Favorite Movie Quotes:
• “Hey Napoleon, give me some of your tots!” – Napoleon Dynamite(2004)  • Watch it Here •
• “Mrs. Potato Head, Mrs. Potato Head, Mrs. Potato Head… hey, I can dream, can’t I?” – Mr. Potato Head – Toy Story (1995)

Biggest Fear:
Being French fried, sliced, baked, mashed, stewed, julienned, boiled, diced, scalloped, or roasted, just to name a few…..