Stay tuned for more information about upcoming fund raisers hosted by Spudz-N-Stuff

Fundraising Opportunities


Fundraising Card

Spudz-N-Stuff has a valuable discount card you can utilize to raise money for your cause.

Your organization buys the cards for $4 a piece and sells them for $10. Double your funds!

Customers love the card because it is a great value (Card includes 16 Buy One Get one Free offers from Spudz-N-Stuff)

Spud Days

Set up a Spud Day with Spudz-n-Stuff. Spud Days are joint efforts put on by Spudz-N-Stuff

and your organization. Together, we gather as many people as we can to join us at a

Spudz-N-Stuff location throughout the day to eat a tasty meal and raise money for a good

cause. Spudz-N-Stuff donates $1 from every entree item sold the entire Spud Day!

20% off Gift Cards

Buy $100 in Spudz-N-Stuff gift cards for only $80. Other amounts apply too. Use the

cards to feed volunteers, resell, or just brighten someone’s day

with a gift card from Spudz-N-Stuff.

Want more info? Want to get started? Send us a note and we’ll get back with you!

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